South Wales Cricket Association
Established 1926 

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Overseas Tour - Season 2009
Antigua and Barbados

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Plank of the Match

John Hughes C.C. 16-Feb-2009
Ben Edkins
  Mahico C.C. 18-Feb-2009
Tom Davies
Ben Edkins   Tom Davies  

For hitting a superb drive straight at (and hitting) our only Umpire. Alcwyn is still nursing the bruise on his arm.


Did not put sun lotion on the top of his feet down at the beach.  Was unavailable for selection as a result

Empire C.C. 20-Feb-2009
Craig Evans
  Barbados Police Force 23-Feb-2009
Ashley Pass
Craig Evans   Ashley Pass  

Failed to comply with the official dress code for match days.


Dropped a catch which denied Matthew Roberts 5 wickets.

Barbados Defence Force 25-Feb-2009
Paul Discombe
  Welches Sports Club 28-Feb-2009
Paul Discombe
Paul Discombe   Paul Discombe  

Bowled the first ball before the umpire was ready and for dropping the simplest of catches


Forgot to bring the actual plank to the match for presentation to a new recipient. What a plank!

Banks C.C. 01-Mar-2009
Matthew Fisher
  Wanderers C.C. 04-Mar-2009
Paul Rees
Matthew Fisher   Paul Rees  

Our keeper had requested a light warm up session as his shoulder was sore. 'Fish' soon had him ducking and diving with some erratic throw ins thus aggravating the problem.


For behaviour unbecoming of a captain of the South Wales Cricket Association.